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The Development of Aggression (Audio/Producer Presentation) -- 21min


N/A Anna Freud

Amsterdam Congress (Producer Presentation)-- 2hr 4min

In 1965 the subject of the International Congress in Amsterdam was "Obsessional Neuroses".

What you will hear here is the discussion of the Obsessional Neuroses Developmental Psychopathology written by Dr. Nagera (then a member of Anna Freud's Clinic).

You will have the opportunity to hear the extensive interventionsand contributions made by Anna Freud to this symposium. You will hear as well, the discussions and contributions made by Dr. Michaels, Dr. Myerson, Dr. Weissman, Dr. Schur, and Mrs Balkanyi.

In short, you will learn much about Obsessional Neuroses with the added bonus of listening to the thinking of many notable analysts, including of course, Anna Freud.


Dr. Nagera


Anna Freud, Ll.D.


Dr. Valenstein,
Dr. Myerson,
Dr. Michaels,
Dr. Myerson,
Dr. Weissman,
Mrs. Balkanyi,
Dr. M. Schur

Transference, Countertransference, Acting Out and Acting In in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis -- 1hr 22min

N/A Humberto Nagera





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