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Accompanying Notes & Papers Presenter

Obituary for W. Ernest Freud (PDF file)


Hans von Lüpke

Entrevista al Dr. Sigmund Freud (PDF file, in Spanish)


George Sylvester Viereck

Anna Freud's Adult Psychonalytic Technique: A Defence of Classical Analysis (PDF file)


Arthur Couch

La Identidad Judía de Sigmund Freud (PDF file)


Daniel Benveniste, Ph.D.

Yo???...Casta!!! o La Paralizante Fidelidad De Edipo (PDF document)

N/A Estela L. Bichi

La Familia Freud y la Teoría Psicoanalítica (PDF file)

Daniel Benveniste, Ph.D.

Relationships Among Psychoanalysts (PDF file)

Ramon Ganzarain, MD

A Bridge Between Psychoanalytic Worlds: A Dialogue with Rudolf Ekstein (PDF file)

The following dialogue between Daniel Benveniste and Rudolf Ekstein is based on several interviews and one public lecture.

Reprinted with permission of The Guilford Press: NY (

Article originally from The Psychoanalytic Review, Vol. 85, Number 5 October 1998, A Bridge between Psychoanalytic Worlds: A Dialogue with Rudolf Ekstein.

Daniel Benveniste, Ph.D.

Crisis Intervention After Major Disasters (PDF file)

Daniel Benveniste, Ph.D.

Intervención En Crisis Después De Grandes Desastres (PDF file)

Daniel Benveniste, Ph.D.

Hysteria: The Elusive Neurosis (PDF file)

Alan Krohn

El Analista "En Persona" (PDF file)

Publicado en las Actas del Cuarto Encuentro Científico Italo/Argentino APA/SPI Octubre 2004.

N/A Estela L. Bichi

The Psychoanalytic Process and Its Components (PDF file) First published in © The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1990, Volume 59, pages 550-584.

Posted with the permission of The Psychoanalytic Quarterly

N/A Dale Boesky
Anna Freud Bibliography (PDF file) N/A N/A

A Psychoanalyst Looks at Dreams and Dreaming (PDF file)

Dr. Nathan Segel is a Senior Training Psychoanalyst at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute and taught Dream Theory for many years. We thank him for his contribution to the Carter-Jenkins Center.

N/A Nathan Segel

Reflections on Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience: Normality and Pathology in Development, Brain Stimulation, Programming, and Maturation
(PDF File -- rather large, please be patient when loading)


This paper was published in the latest issue of Neuro-Psychoanalysis (Volume 3, Number 2) Humberto Nagera





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